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Self-Care Coaching for Thriving And Resilience After Divorce

Statistically, 43% of marriages end in divorce with the average length of marriage lasting 8 years.  At Bodacious Nutrition, we understand divorce is a major life change which can have a drastic impact on self-care. Self-care in turn impacts our overall ability to find meaning and happiness.


Self-care ​can mean different things to different people, and we support clients in finding a self-compassionate self-care routine and nutrition plan that promotes resilience, food peace, and overall health. Clients share that they are often not caring for themselves the way they want to be. And this is most true when we have life stress impacting our allostatic load and creating barriers.


Joanna is a child of divorce so she is passionate about helping others through this life change. Her parents experienced a particularly high conflict uncoupling, and she is very familiar with the difficulty that accompanies the end of a marriage and the impact it can have on everyone involved. Her desire to include divorce self-care coaching to her private practice grows from her lived experience but is informed by her work with clients struggling to find self-compassion, sustainable habits, and food and body peace.

Ways in which divorce can impact self-care include: 

  • activating body image distress

  • increasing harmful dieting

  • promoting detachment from body cues and low body attunement

  • throwing a hammer into our routines, rituals, and stability

  • impacting our appetite

  • decreasing our immunity

  • increasing inflammation

  • causing us to turn to maladaptive coping like substance use or excessive emotional eating


When we work to care for ourselves during difficult life changes, it increases our ability to weather the storm and bounce back. This increased perseverance and resilience can bring about long-term positive health which can trickle down to having more resilient children and family systems. 


Interested in learning how Joanna can help you find a self-care and nutrition plan to help you thrive? Reach out for a free discovery call today.

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