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Intuitive Eating Coaching

Intuitive Eating is a non-diet approach that reconnects us with our body’s wisdom and cues to drive our eating and food relationship. Relearning the wisdom of our body and releasing guilt and morality associated with food is transformative to mental and physical wellness. It is an ongoing, lifelong process, and shouldn’t be thought of as a diet. There is no right or wrong way to “do Intuitive Eating”.


I am extremely thankful to Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch for writing the Intuitive Eating text and program. What a wonderful roadmap- listen to our body, enjoy our food, be kind to ourselves!


Intuitive Eating is a framework, and it consists of 10 principles:


1. Reject the Diet Mentality

2. Honor Your Hunger

3. Make Peace with Food

4. Challenge the Food Police

5. Discover the Satisfaction Factor

6. Feel Your Fullness

7. Cope with Your Emotions with Kindness

8. Respect Your Body

9. Movement—Feel the Difference

10. Honor Your Health—Gentle Nutrition

Benefits of Intuitive Eating include:

  • Helps decrease binge eating and cravings

  • can lower blood glucose and blood pressure

  • helps with weight stability and can help us find our natural weight

  • Decreases the risk of eating disorders

  • Improves connection to hunger and fullness

  • Is associated with lower BMI and higher well being

  • Is correlated with less cardiovascular risk (lower triglycerides and higher HDL/good cholesterol)

  • Is associated with higher diet quality

  • Is protective against internalized weight stigma and is supportive of a positive body image

  • Is positively associated with high self esteem

How I work with clients

The goal of Intuitive Eating coaching is to amplify our body cues and being to trust our own innate wisdom. When working one-on-one, we don't walk through the steps in any particular order. We practice person-centered care which means we use the framework but are also pulling in other therapeutic modalities as needed and discussing what is relevant to the client that day. We've helped hundreds of clients heal the food relationship and find greater peace and food freedom through an Intuitive Eating framework, and we are Intuitive Eaters ourselves- when we trust our body to guide our eating, and our connected to our innate body wisdom, we can focus on the things in life that really matter. 

For information on cost, please check out the Investment page.

Intuitive Eating coaching is available to anyway, regardless of location, but if insurance reimbursement is desired when combined with Nutrition Therapy, there are limitations based on location. Please review the insurance section for more details. 

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