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As someone who grew up in a competitive sport, disordered eating and body dissatisfaction were issues that I dealt with from a young age. Eventually, this led to health problems like PCOS, GI issues, and food sensitivities as I became an adult. I saw numerous doctors and took tons of tests only to be prescribed medications and to be told to keep dieting. I finally sought alternative methods to treat the root of the problem, and that is what led me to Joanna. She had such a warm and encouraging presence and I truly felt that she understood my struggles and knew how to help me through them. Joanna introduced me to intuitive eating principles that really allowed me to practice self compassion and get in tune with what my body needed. Once these practices became a lifestyle, my disordered eating behaviors subsided and my overall health conditions improved…I finally felt free from everything that was holding me back. I can honestly say that working with Joanna was truly life changing and I am incredibly thankful that I had the opportunity to work with her. Over 2 years later and I still experience total food freedom and body contentment, all thanks to Joanna!


Client Testimonials

“Joanna is a fantastic dietitian.  Our work together has helped me acknowledge deeply-buried emotions that impact not only how I eat, but my overall well-being.  Through our work I've learned to engage mindfully with food, so eating is less of a battle and more of a playful exploration.  I've also noticed my body feeling better, with less pain and exhaustion.  Joanna is insightful, friendly, and fun to work with!  I would highly recommend anyone who is hoping to improve their relationship with food or their body to work with Joanna!”


"I started working with Joanna about a year ago after struggling for years with various GI issues and getting a diagnosis of celiac disease. To say working with Joanna changed my life would be an understatement - I truly got my life back. I have been in and out of doctors' offices, GI specialists, labs, etc. for years, and it was only after a few months of seeing Joanna for regular appointments that I started to feel better. Her knowledge about IBS, celiac, and the importance of regular/eating enough was great, but what really helped me was her patience, understanding, and ability to make me feel seen/heard as a client. I felt as if I could be honest with whatever was going on without facing any judgment and 100% trusted her. Even though I'm not entirely completed with my work, I can honestly say that I'm finally able to live again. My GI issues no longer impact my day to day and for the first time in years, I can look forward to eating. Thank you Joanna!!"


"Joanna was recommended to me when I finished an Intensive Outpatient Program for ARFID. I had my first consultation with her about a week after discharging and have met with her (almost) weekly for two years since then. Joanna is unbelievably thoughtful, knowledgeable, and kind and that shows in each session. She always pushed me past my comfort zone, but never so far that I felt unsafe or resentful toward her; this is a very fine line that most providers inevitably cross a few times, but Joanna never did. I found myself thinking throughout the week in between sessions, "I can't wait to tell Joanna about this, she'll be so proud of me" and never "Joanna is going to be so mad at me" or "Joanna is making me do this". I've recommended her to doctors and therapists I've worked with for them to share with other patients who are seeking a dietician for eating disorder recovery. I am so appreciative of Joanna and her dedication to my recovery."


"Joanna is the most compassionate, warm, and authentic dietician I have ever worked with. She has always made me feel like not just a client, but a person who is worthy and capable of recovery. Through working with Joanna, I have learned so much about sports nutrition, intuitive eating, health at every size, and how to approach food and my body from a new perspective. I look forward to my sessions with Joanna because I know that no matter how I show up that day, she will help me get through it and leave the session with a new feeling of optimism. I cannot recommend Joanna enough for anyone in eating disorder recovery who wants to work towards self love and self compassion. She is truly a gem and incredibly special to me!"


"Working with Joanna was an absolute delight. From our very first meeting I felt like I was in a space where it was safe to share the struggles I had with nutrition. I also felt like she was on my side, like we were a team, working toward my goals together. Joanna is extremely knowledgeable in her field and doesn’t just give advice expecting you to blindly follow it. For every bit of guidance, she provides data, sources, and research to back it up. In addition to being brilliant at her job, Joanna is also a wonderful and kind person. She listens with both an analytic and empathetic ear. She responds with expertise, but also with compassion and understanding. Talk to her for 5 minutes and you’ll know that she genuinely cares for your wellbeing. Whatever path you’re on, if you need someone to walk it with you, look no further - you’re in the right place."


"I loved working with Joanna - she truly helped me reshape my relationship to food and nutrition. As a longtime sufferer of disordered eating, I was experiencing challenges with my digestive health. I sought out Joanna to help improve my symptoms, and was truly amazed at how Joanna's holistic approach not only made me feel physically better, but helped heal my connection to food and nutrition. I'd wholeheartedly recommend working with Joanna!"


"Joanna was phenomenal to work with, she took things at my pace while also pushing me slightly outside my comfort zone. She also provided great strategies when I was stuck in my recovery. I know I am further along because of my work with her. Highly recommend her if you are working on recovery from an eating disorder."


"Joanna is a knowledgeable, compassionate, and flexible dietician. She makes a for a great partner. Joanna has an ability to understand her clients and their thought process around nutrition, using that insight to adjust her approach. She is very grounded in the science of and current research in nutrition health, while also seeing patients as whole people in complex environments."


“Working with Bodacious Nutrition has really helped me reframe my thoughts around food and overall relationship with food. I was someone, who from a young age, had a very difficult relationship with food and would often be scared of food and the choices I would make as it related to my weight. Working with Bodacious Nutrition really opened my eyes to what intuitive eating is and how important it is to nourish my body rather than restrict my body. I was also recently diagnosed with PCOS and one side effect is excessive weight gain. Through my work with Joanna, I have been able to repair that relationship with food and my body but also with the symptoms I experienced with PCOS. Bodacious Nutrition really opened my eyes and significantly improved my relationship with food!”


"Joanna was absolutely amazing in aiding with my recovery process. Coming to her with little ambition to change my habits, she allowed me to realize that a happy brain with flexibility, joy, and love is the most important thing in life. She is extremely knowledgeable about the science of nutrition and gave me the confidence to believe in myself and trust my body. I looked forward to every meeting with her as I felt as though she truly cared about me and my mental and physical health. Her bubbly personality filled me with joy in even my hardest times and let me know I was not alone with my struggles. I cannot thank her enough for everything she has done for me, not only giving me the tools I need to proceed with my life in a healthy way, but also was someone I felt comfortable confining in with my full trust."


"It is not overstating to say that Joanna has helped me find happiness and peace for the first time in my life. I knew that my relationship to food and my body was holding me back from living, and feel so lucky to have chosen Joanna among the thousands of coaches out there. As someone who usually feels I am pretty self-aware, Joanna has challenged me every session to dig deeper, question my lifelong attitudes, and change my way of thinking about myself, my body, and food. This has been my favorite thing about working with Joanna's brand of intelligence, intuition, and kindness---she listens deeply and hears me, but also does not hesitate to jump in and ask questions or challenge my statements, guiding me to trust myself and to become the person I have wanted to be for so long. We spent quite a long time on my relationship to food, which has opened me up to being able to actually start working on learning and implementing the nutrition my particular body needs, without losing the enjoyment that food brings me. Joanna also helped me understand what was happening in my body after going off of birth control and eventually helped me to restart my period; she seemingly knows more about PCOS, and definitely cares more about helping me understand it, than any medical practitioner ever has. If you truly feel ready for change in how you live, even if you're not sure you're up to the task, reach out to Joanna and you will find someone to give you an unbelievably strong assist in your journey."


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