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Signing up

 Schedule a Discovery call (free 10-to-15-minute call) to explore if Joanna is a good fit to meet your needs. If ready to move forward, fill out Application below.

After the call, initial paperwork will be sent over and initial 60-minute session scheduled.

Follow- up sessions are scheduled as-needed and as treatment progresses. There are no reimbursements following treatment session from Joanna, but you can submit a Superbill for potential reimbursement to your insurance provider. They will be generated through the client portal after each session. 

All sessions take place over video using the Simple Practice platform. A video link is sent a day or two prior to each session.

Individual Session Investment

Because everyone has their own journey, we offer a session at a time model instead of packages.


Bodacious Nutrition offers inclusive pricing to help clients afford quality care. If you are ready to explore working with us, please fill out the Application below and choose the pricing that fits your financial capacity. If these options are too high, please email Joanna at 

Payment is made via our electronic health system after each session so it is simple and hassle-free.

Once you fill out the Application below, Joanna will be in touch with you to schedule a Discovery Call or will send initial paperwork if the call has already been made. 

Investment Options


Initial 60-minute sessions range from: $165 to $200

Follow-up 45-minute sessions range from: $145-$185


Please submit the following inquiry and we'll get back to you soon! 

Note: In an effort to foster more accessibility in the nutrition space, we are offering flexible, inclusive pricing as a way to appreciate and address systemic oppression. Money shouldn’t be a barrier to quality nutrition therapy or healthcare. 

Inquire to work with Joanna

Please choose either the standard or a sliding scale price that seems most affordable to your current situation or aligned with your level of privilege: Initial 60-minute session (standard price is $200):
Follow up 45-minute sessions: Standard pricing is $185

Thanks, I'll be in touch!

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