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How we approach our food is one of the most important aspects of well-being. 

Nutrition Therapy for Women's Health and the Food & Body Relationship

Plant-Based Intuitive Eating Coaching

Have you ever felt guilt after a food-based experience that should have been joyous?


And what would it feel like to fully comprehend the nuanced signals your body is attempting to send you?

And are you frustrated with the persistent and damaging pursuit to change, mold, and 'fix' some aspect of your body?


What would it feel like to fix your food relationship instead while also learning how to balance your hormones, digestion, and metabolism and feel energetic and vital in your skin? 

It is totally possible!

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Hello, gorgeous.

My name is Joanna, and I'm The Plant-Based Food Relationship Dietitian.  I provide virtual support, acceptance, knowledge, and guidance for all things food and body. As a women’s health nutritionist and disordered eating and eating disorders dietitian, I have a special interest in holding space for healing for those with PCOS who struggle with body image stress and disordered eating or chronic dieting.

I also have been on a flexible plant-based diet for 16 years, and I value environmental justice and the health benefits a plant-based diet can provide for my clients. I work to support those looking for a more plant-based lifestyle or those clients with eating disorders or disordered eating who want to eat a plant-based, vegan, or vegetarian diet during recovery. I believe intuitive eating and plant-based eating can both exist peacefully as I eat this way daily and love it!

I also utilize intuitive eating counseling and body image acceptance and growth coaching through a non-diet and weight inclusive lens. All bodies deserve gentle care, loving attention, and attuned healing. I'd love to chat with you! 


the mission

We foster collaborative, impactful relationships in
brave, weight-inclusive, growth-oriented spaces that
support the rejection of diet culture and help to
cultivate peace with food and body while also leaning
into gentle nutrition and lifestyle-related changes in
alignment with client values all in a zero-waste model
of virtual care.


meet joanna

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Hi and welcome! I'm Joanna, The Food Relationship Nutritionist.  I'm a women's health and non-diet dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. I absolutely love supporting clients in building joyful, sustainable, and self-compassionate relationships with food, movement, and body so they can directly pursue the meaningful life they desire.

Utilizing the therapeutic modalities of positive psychology, acceptance and commitment therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy, my expertise lies in my ability to support food and body image healing while also working toward correcting our body's hormonal, metabolic, and gastrointestinal balance.

I'd love to learn more about you and provide support in your journey!

joanna xox


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Virtual Nutrition Counseling

Body Image Healing

Intuitive Eating Coaching

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now offering flexible pricing model

Bodacious Nutrition is now offering inclusive, sliding scale pricing. In an effort to foster more accessibility in the nutrition space, we are offering flexible, inclusive pricing as a way to appreciate and address systemic oppression. Money shouldn’t be a barrier to quality nutrition therapy or healthcare.


Food and Body Relationship

Intuitive Eating Coaching

Binge or Emotional Eating

Eating Disorders / Disordered Eating

Ending Chronic Dieting

Body Image Healing

Plant-based Nutrition

Women's Health

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Nutrition for Fertility

Digestive Health

Peri- and Post-Menopause

Missing, Irregular, or Painful Periods

Hormonal Imbalances or PMS

Metabolic Health


What clients are saying...

“Joanna is a fantastic dietitian.  Our work together has helped me acknowledge deeply-buried emotions that impact not only how I eat, but my overall well-being..."


"I started working with Joanna about a year ago after struggling for years with various GI issues and getting a diagnosis of celiac disease. To say working with Joanna changed my life would be an understatement - I truly got my life back!"

- Olivia

"...She had such a warm and encouraging presence and I truly felt that she understood my struggles and knew how to help me through them. Joanna introduced me to intuitive eating principles that really allowed me to practice self compassion and get in tune with what my body needed. Once these practices became a lifestyle, my disordered eating behaviors subsided and my overall health conditions, like PCOS,  improved..."

- Michele

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where do you live?

Due to licensure, we can unfortunately only work virtually with clients in these states:

Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, New Hampshire, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Washington DC, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming


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