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Welcome to modern, virtual nutrition therapy, Intuitive Eating coaching, and women's health nutrition counseling- just a click away. 
A BRAVE space to process your food, body, and movement relationships and find authentic self-care. 
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Joanna is a Health At Every Size® Registered Dietitian providing compassionate, virtual nutrition counseling and Intuitive Eating Coaching for moms, women over 40, and young adults- just like you.
Curious how your food relationship is? 
Check out the Intuitive Eating Brief Questionnaire

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Percentage of women 25 to 45 with disordered eating behaviors


Percentage of women who spend 10+ hrs caring for others a day


Minutes a day moms get of "free time" to themselves


Percentage of women reporting coping by stress or binge eating

Bodacious Nutrition, we provide person-centered, collaborative health and nutrition care. We work with women across the lifespan in finding systems that support their overall wellness and health goals. We also offer nutrition coaching and therapy for the food, body, self-care, and movement relationships- all from a Health at Every Size® and non-diet lens.
We provide a place to prioritize self-care and/or healing for women across the lifespan including:
  • Moms
  • Young women (adolescents and young adults 18-35)
  • Women 35+ 

Our specialties include:
Young Mother with Children

Self-care isn't "Me first!"- it's "Me too!".

At Bodacious Nutrition, we know that being a woman means we are more likely to struggle to find time for self-care (because we are busy taking care of others!). In one survey, 76% of women spent 10 hours a day caring for others, while 19% actually spent more than 10 hours! And 1 in 5 women reported they would feel "selfish, guilty, or anxious and unsettled" if they took an hour for themselves. 



We work alongside our clients collaboratively to help them learn to nourish themselves with food and heal the food relationship, find joyful and intuitive movement, learn mindfulness techniques and take back me-time, and open up to self-compassion.


We have experience helping women of all ages heal from disordered eating and find a place of food and body peace. We also know that disordered eating doesn't just impact young women- we love supporting moms and older women heal from restriction or binge eating and rediscover their innate body wisdom and Intuitive Eater. 

And we want you to feel good in your body while having the energy to chase your dreams and care for others. By gaining food and body confidence and learning to become an Intuitive Eater, you can open up headspace to be fully present with your family and in your life.

If you know you've needed support, but haven't been sure where to start, cozy up with a blanket and take a deep breath.

You are in the right place. 

We're here to help you make peace with food, and find the meaningful, embodied life you deserve.

We help women learn to optimize self-care unapologetically and take up space and time unabashedly.

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excellent, admirable 

(just like you)

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Virtual support is easy and effective. Research shows it is equally as effective as working with a dietitian in-person. 
Coaching or Medical Nutrition Therapy? 
We provide Intuitive Eating coaching worldwide, but due to licensure, we can only provide insurance superbills for clients in these states:

Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, New Hampshire, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Washington DC, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

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Meet Joanna
Joanna Pustilnik MS RDN CDCES 
  • Food and Body Relationship Specialist

  • Disordered Eating Expert

  • Women's Health Dietitian

  • Intuitive Eating Counselor

  • Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist

  • Mom of 3

Joanna is a non-diet dietitian and Oreo cookie lover. She's been a nutrition counselor for over 12 years and provides HAES®-aligned empathetic, evidence-based nutrition therapy and coaching through an anti-diet, weight-inclusive lens that honors both the food relationship and client's unique health goals. She believes in fierce self-compassion, flexibility, and big earrings. She is a former competitive soccer player, marathon runner, longtime yogi, and she loves, loves helping other moms (and all women) find their stride while healing the food, movement, and body relationships.

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Bodacious Nutrition uses person-centered care within a weight-neutral, non-diet approach, and we've developed a 
4-pillar framework to help clients get to the root of the food and body relationships.
4 Pillars
So, what's a weight neutral approach? 

Being a weight neutral clinician means I don't focus on weight loss as a means to "improve your health". I recognize that dieting is harmful, and that you are not defined by a number on a scale. I am interested in your weight history, because you probably have thoughts about it and it might help tell your body story. But we won't be pushing you to restrict your food to get to a different BMI or number. Nope. 

I want us to discuss your relationship with your body, your dieting history, yo
ur health habits, and how your weight history may have shaped your sense of embodiment. But as a non-diet (or better yet, anti-diet!) dietitian, we can focus on health changes that have a positive impact without pushing for weight loss. There are no long-term studies showing weight loss is sustainable, and 75-95% of people regain the weight they lost- and more. 

This weight cycling causes inflammation and body image distress along with metabolic consequences. As moms, we need all the headspace we can get. Painful dieting has no place!

A weight-neutral, non-diet approach is very effective at supporting change and growth. Visit my
testimonials to see a few client stories. It isn't an anti-weight loss approach, as many of my clients may still lose weight with behavioral changes, but we do try to put this desire on the backburner while we focus on steady, self-compassionate healing of body image, normalized eating, and optimized coping. My goal is to help you see you are an embodied soul living in an amazing body, and we should disconnected our self-worth from our weight or size.
Mom Jump Rope
Michele, VA
"...She had such a warm and encouraging presence and I truly felt that she understood my struggles and knew how to help me through them. Joanna introduced me to intuitive eating principles that really allowed me to practice self compassion and get in tune with what my body needed..."
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