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Ready to stop dieting and gain self-acceptance? 

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Joanna Pustilnik RD




Integrative and Functional RD: I look at the whole person, consider holistic nutrition therapies, and utilize functional nutrition tools.


Health at Every Size® RD:  I view health and fitness as independent of weight. I encourage joyful movement, maintaining pleasure in eating, and body acceptance.


Women's Health and Fertility RD:

I have a special interest in helping women feel their best while building healthy families. Nutrition for PCOS or fertility is often a  crucial missing piece in women's healthcare. 


Plant-based RD: The power of plants to heal our body is only equal to the power of a plant-based diet to heal our planet. I encourage and help you plan a more sustainable, balanced diet.


Intuitive Eating® RD:

I utilize a non-diet approach that focuses on healing our relationship with food and doesn't engage in the body shaming our culture promotes. 


Certified Diabetes Educator: I'm a certified expert in Diabetes care. I want to help those diagnosed understand their condition and better control their health. I'm passionate about fighting prediabetes, and I want to help you regain control.


Behavioral Health RD: Nutrition for mental health is a growing field of research that collectively indicates a very strong association between our self-care measures and our brain health. By looking at gut function, overall dietary pattern, and self-care behaviors, we can optimize the effectiveness of your mental health treatment.


Together we can:

  • Escape the diet mentality

  • End the battle with your weight

  • Eliminate anxiety around food

  • Increase energy and vitality

  • Complement mental health treatment

  • End emotional eating

  • Learn to enjoy food

  • Build compassionate relationship with your body

  • Increase chance of conception 

  • Decrease the impact of PCOS 

  • Create exercise program

  • Improve blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol

  • Heal your relationship with food

  • Focus on meal planning

  • Decrease chronic disease risk

  • Learn to eat more sustainably

  • Replenish/restore gut function

  • Get support and accountability


You already have all you need to succeed. I'm here to help you use it. The simplest answer is to act.

A little bit about my practice: 

I provide virtual assistance, so it's easy to meet your health goals! Read about the benefits and details here.


I offer a free, initial phone or email screening to see if we would be a good fit. Feel free to email me with your information, and we can set up a call!

I unfortunately don't take insurance at this time, but I can provide a Superbill that you can submit to your insurance for potential reimbursement.

I utilize a holistic and individualized approach while maintaining a respect for uniqueness and lifestyle.

I'm a research and evidence-based clinician, and I'm absolutely enthusiastic about helping you feel your very best!