Hi, I'm Joanna!

I'm a Dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, and I help my clients heal their relationship with food and body and find the joy in eating again with online Nutrition Therapy. 

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Isn’t it time to heal your relationship with

food and               

in your body?

Are you struggling with your relationship with food or body? 

We're here for you. We work online with people all over the United States to assist in healing these important relationships through an Intuitive Eating Framework. 


With extensive experience in nutrition, fitness, and coaching, we understand how complicated the relationship between food and body is. We want to help you find a sustainable, enjoyable long-term plan that doesn't involve dietary restraint and that increases body appreciation.

Let's cut through the confusion together, learn to love our body, and never diet again.


Learn a better way to live.

Intuitive Eating increases our body attunement and awareness while removing roadblocks to a positive relationship with food. It's food inclusive, and it awakens our love of eating again. 


We were all born Intuitive Eaters- listening to our hunger and fullness cues. Our culture promotes dieting as a solution, but this can lead to disordered eating, weight cycling, and a negative view of our body.

Intuitive Eating opens up full permission to eat and connect with what satisfies and fulfills us. Learning to eat using your own body's wisdom and not external diet rules is the ultimate freedom.   





How Online Nutrition Therapy Works 

Schedule you free 10- minute discovery call to get your questions answered, learn more, and discover if online nutrition therapy or wellness coaching is right for you.

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Find the right package for you via our services page, and we'll send you a link to schedule your initial 60 minute video session. Simple and exciting!

We'll work together to schedule your follow up video sessions in a time frame that fits your goals and needs. You'll also have access to ongoing email support.

Registered Dietitian

Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

Certified Diabetes Educator

Certified Health Coach & Personal Trainer 

Joanna will partner with you using nutrition therapy and health coaching services to help you find your food joy, heal your emotional or disordered eating, and improve your metabolism and digestion through ongoing support that encourages lasting changes in your relationship with food and body, dietary pattern, and lifestyle. 

Learn more about Joanna.