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Joannna Pustilnik 

Women's Health Dietitian, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, and Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist

My non-diet, self-compassionate-focused nutrition therapy is grounded in the belief that health cannot be so simply quantified. Our weight, our labs, our pants' size- they are only small pieces of a large puzzle- albeit they can be very informative, we must look at our thoughts, concerns, goals, and emotions as well. The impact of stress is so powerful, for example! 

I love helping my clients discover all those the other pieces- and get to a place of food and body joy while focusing on health-related goals in a gentle and effective way. I'd love to chat with you about it!



Food and Body Relationships

Intuitive Eating Coaching

Binge or Emotional Eating

Eating Disorders / Disordered Eating

Ending Chronic Dieting

Body Image Healing

Plant-based Nutrition

Women's Health

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Nutrition for Fertility

Gestational Diabetes Nutrition

Peri-, and Post-menopause Nutrition

Missing, Irregular, or Painful Periods

Hormonal Imbalances or PMS

Metabolic Health


what we do

Improve Food Relationships

Reject the idea that dieting works

Find freedom from weight cycling and body woes

Examine your food relationship and make peace with food

Expand your self-permission around food and find the joy in eating again

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Learn Your Body

Learn what feels good in your body and what is satisfying to you

Rediscover innate trust in your body's cues

Find a pattern of enjoyable movement 

Cultivate self-compassion and expand your definition of “healthy”

Increase body appreciation and acceptance

Develop Long-Term Solutions

Regain your menstrual cycle through adequate nourishment

Find a long-term, sustainable plan for intuitive self-care

End emotional, stress, or binge eating by identifying vulnerabilities and increasing resilience

Normalize blood sugar and lab work

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Fostering healing and growth through virtual support groups and 1 on 1 collaborative relationships


Offering inclusive pricing, rejecting all forms of oppression, acknowledging our own privilege, and valuing diversity in all forms


Offering a virtual, zero-waste model of sustainable care, and working to support plant-forward, environmentally-friendly dietary patterns


Working with clients and care team to optimize care and collaborating with client to access own body wisdom and lived experiences to guide treatment process


Offering kind, non-judgemental and transparent care with openness to whatever comes up

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