Intuitive Eating Nutrition Therapy         


Are you tired of dieting, weight cycling, or uncontrollable cravings?

Have you been struggling with tiresome restriction, emotional eating, or guilt-laden feelings toward food?

Have you recently been told you have Pre-diabetes and feel overwhelmed? Or do you struggle with missing periods or PCOS? 

Aren't you ready to stop the tug-o-war with food?

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Nutrition Therapy is a dynamic process where we partner to improve your life and health. We work together so you gain freedom from chronic dieting and nutrition confusion. You'll gain a sense of body acceptance and learn to love eating again.

It involves a deep-level assessment of your eating habits and the history of the role food has played in your life- from childhood on. It's an investigation of your values and goals and collaborative goal setting and education to help you reach a place of value-directed success. We'll define what that success looks like for you and boldly work through roadblocks together to help you get there.

All without restriction and dieting.

Within an Intuitive Eating framework, if you need assistance with meal planning, we will absolutely work together to help you tune into the wisdom of your own body while also considering what dietary pattern or way of eating fits your unique health concerns and lifestyle.

Let's partner to help you                             

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    The initial nutrition coaching session takes a deep-level look at your current habits, goals, and relationship with food and body. We'll identify areas that need the most support and focus, and collaborate to set up a plan for success that's based on your needs and preferences. Follow up sessions are scheduled directly with Joanna based on overall unique needs after the initial meeting. 

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Whole-Body Approach

I'm a whole-body clinician. In our sessions, I always consider the interconnections between our mind and all of our body systems.  

Nutrition Therapy will address all your nutrition-related health concerns within the non-diet framework. If there are concerns with elevated cholesterol, digestive symptoms, low energy levels, high blood sugars, or anxiety, we will absolutely address these while working to heal your relationship with food.

Learn more about me and my philosophy, or set up your Free Discovery Call if you have a specific question.  


Looking forward to diving in and learning more about you.

What to Expect: The Online Process

Working with a dietitian online is simple and fun!


1. Sign up above and schedule initial session


2. Receive email with instructions, video link, and return paperwork via email


3. Sign on at scheduled time, complete session, and schedule follow-up directly with Joanna

That's it! Questions? Let me know!



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