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nutrition counseling

Through one-on-one virtual, personalized sessions, we work together to reconnect you with your inner wisdom and find peace with food. Collaboratively, we help you find a sustainable, enjoyable eating plan that nourishes and revitalizes, is evidence-based, and flexible.

what we do

Using a whole-body, non-diet lens, we deep dive into your history, beliefs, lifestyle, coping mechanisms- everything that impacts your food relationship and overall health.

We address the food and body relationships first with the goal of moving from guilt and stress to enjoyment, nourishment, and freedom.

Through a gentle nutrition, evidence-based framework and supported by as-needed labs or testing, we identify the root cause of your concerns and collaboratively build a sustainable nutrition and lifestyle plan aligned with your values.

ways to work together:

1-1 Virtual Therapy

Nutrition Therapy

Intuitive Eating/Coaching

Body Image Healing

Virtual nutrition counseling includes individualized care and connection addressing the food relationship first followed by a deep dive into other physical symptoms and nutrition or lifestyle-related concerns. 

Online lab ordering done directly with Joanna is also available based on symptoms and unique needs. Questions? Book a free Discovery call to chat! 

Young Dietitian
Friends Having Fun
Intuitive Eating
Group Program

Groups include:

20 and 30s Women-focused


Peri- and Post-Menopause-focused

Moms with young children-focused

Intuitive Eating Connection and Support groups are a biweekly, 6-month, virtual and guided experience led by Joanna. They are women's life-stage and condition-oriented to foster connection and support food and  body image healing within a weight-inclusive, non-diet and evidence-based framework.

Women's health gentle nutrition information and meal planning support included. Interested? Book a free Discovery call to learn more!



Signing Up

 Schedule a Discovery call or apply to work with Joanna.

Initial paperwork will be sent over and initial 60-minute session scheduled.

Follow- up sessions are scheduled as-needed and as treatment progresses. No advanced payment necessary. There are no reimbursements following treatment session. 

All sessions take place over video using the Simple Practice platform. A video link is sent a day or two prior to each session.

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