Hello, Intuitive Eating.

Common problems associated with dieting include:

Women in Bodysuit

I help clients heal the Food/Body Relationship with Intuitive Eating Online Coaching.


Let's talk about what this means and who would benefit from it.


Does any of this sound familiar?   

  • I'm dissatisfied with my body and want to make peace with it.

  • I've tried to change it through chronic dieting or restriction.

  • I have an absent or abnormal period.

  • At times, my food relationship has made me feel out of control, hopeless, or confused.

  • I am concerned about finding a long term plan.

  • I have elevated cholesterol, cortisol, or pre-diabetes, and don't know how to eat to help it.

  • I struggle with binge, stress, and/or emotional eating.

  • I have a lot of guilt and food rules associated with eating. 

All of this is so common!

Our culture promotes a thin-ideal, and dieting or restricting to conform to this ideal body. This can lead to body shame, disordered eating, and mistrust of our hunger. Dieting also lowers our metabolism causing weight regain. As a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and non-diet dietitian, I will never tell you to restrict or go on a diet.

Intuitive Eating leads us back to our own body wisdom. We were all born as Intuitive Eaters with innate body cues providing all the information we needed to care for our bodies. Dieting and excessive exercise disrupt these signals and creates confusion about how to eat and move. 


  • A negative body image 

  • Loss of menstrual cycle

  • Higher risk of disordered eating/eating disorders

  • Bloating and constipation

  • Distrust of body cues

  • Depression, anxiety, and distress

  • Rigid thinking and perfectionism

  • Delay of life’s goals until “goal” weight is reached

  • Decreased nutrient absorption

  • Decreased metabolism and weight cycling

  • Loss of enjoyment for food and eating

  • Elevated food and body thoughts

  • Frustration and feelings of failure


I provide Nutrition Therapy and coaching services using an Intuitive Eating framework to help heal the relationship to food and body.

Working together through video chat and online services we will:

  • Reject the idea that dieting works

  • Find freedom from weight cycling and body woes

  • Examine your food relationship and make peace with food

  • Expand your self-permission around food and find the joy in eating again

  • Learn what feels good in your body and what is satisfying to you

  • Rediscover innate trust with your body cues

  • Find a pattern of enjoyable movement 

  • Cultivate self-compassion and expand your definition of “healthy”

  • Increase body appreciation and acceptance

  • Regain your menstrual cycle through adequate nourishment

  • Find a long term, sustainable plan for intuitive self-care

  • End emotional, stress, or binge eating by identifying vulnerabilities and increasing resilience

Intuitive Eating Coaching is a dynamic process where we take a deep dive into what hasn’t been working well for you and where we go next. There isn’t one “answer” to health that can be found in a “diet plan” as so many health coaches and diet-rooted programs promise.

Eating and living are more complex that this. The journey through Intuitive Eating to a peaceful relationship with food and body is associated with numerous health benefits.

Health benefits associated with Intuitive Eating:

  • A lower body mass index (BMI)

  • Improvements in metabolic markers like triglycerides and blood sugar

  • Higher self-regard and feelings of self-worth

  • A decrease in emotional and binge eating

  • Less disordered eating and lower risk of eating disorders

  • Greater attunement with hunger and fullness signals

  • Increased intuitive self-care behaviors

  • Higher body appreciation and a more positive body image

Ready to find freedom from food and body woes and live fully? Let’s chat!