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Increased energy. Hormonal balance. Food peace.

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A                                               of the most comprehensive virtual nutrition course for women over 35.


The first evidence-based online program for women supporting healthy aging, food-relationship-first weight loss, decreasing symptoms of perimenopause, and optimizing health after menopause and beyond while also supporting a positive relationship with food. 

Tell me more.

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We see you, queen.

Finally, an effective, evidence-based online health and nutrition program-
made for you, by one of you.

Joanna knows what you are looking for, because she was searching for the same thing. 

  • Increased energy and vitality

  • Hormonal balance

  • An easy self-care plan

  • Optimal overall health 

  • Alignment with goals

  • A positive sense of embodiment

  • Confidence around food and body issues 

She, just like you, inhabits a beautiful, aging female body. Maybe your body has produced children, maybe it cares for others much of the time, maybe it is not quite working as well as it used to. It may have gone through diet after diet or suffered as a result of confusion around food, lack of movement, or too much stress. 

Joanna's got you. 

Joanna is an expert in women's health and nutrition. As a registered dietitian, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, and Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist, she's spent the last 14 years working with clients just like you. And she's spent the last two years gathering evidence and compiling and combining it with her clinical experience to create the Optimize 35+ Program, an online program that includes everything you need to feel, look, and be your very best. 

Let's have a SNEAK PEAK at the content!

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1 / Mattering, Prioritizing Yourself, and Choosing Self-care

Begin by learning how to choose yourself, every day. 

2 / Mindfulness and Embodied Wisdom

Learn how to use your body as a resource. 

3 / Self-compassion and Mindset

The importance of self-compassion and a growth mindset in self-care. 

4 / Assessments and Finding a Baseline

Tools to help discover a baseline for your current health and nutrition. 

5 / Identifying Goals and Values

Identify your values and set realistic goals for the process. 

6 / Addressing Avoidance, Expectations, and Barriers

Consider what may have not worked well for your in the past and work through it.


7 / Background of Hormones and Healthy Aging

Learn about perimenopause, menopause, and healthy aging. 

8 / Root Causes of Concerns 

Learn the root causes of current symptoms and concerns to promote sustainable change. 

9 / Symptoms of Perimenopause/Menopause and Treatment

Dive deep into symptoms of changing hormones and treatments. 

10 / Thinking about Weight and Disordered Eating as We Age

Review your diet history and learn about disordered eating in women over 35. 

11 / Intuitive Eating Framework 

Learn more about Intuitive Eating and the benefits and start moving toward food peace. 


12 / Get to Know Body Cues

Get in touch with your hunger and fullness. 

13 / Find a Routine and Eating Schedule

Find morning, evening, movement, stress management, and eating routines that stick. 

14 / Heal Food Relationship

Work through the Health Your Food Relationship Checklist at your own pace and as needed.

15 / Eating Habits Evaluation and Food and Eating Advice

Identify eating areas of concern for you. Learn the research and recs around nutrition over 35.

16 / Pantry and Environmental Assessment

Learn how to have go-to meals and assess any environmental concerns.

17 / Meal Planning Evaluation, Ideas, and Example

Find a meal planning process that works for you and get meal and snack ideas. 

17 / Movement 

Deep dive into movement over 35 and continue to add movement as it feels good for you. 

18 / Stress, Emotional Eating, and Coping

Optimize coping to support emotional coping that prevents feeling out of control with food.

19 / Problem Solving and Ongoing Goals 

Problem solve any remaining concerns and find a maintenance plan. 

Who is it for?

This self-paced, online program is for any woman over 35 looking to cut through the confusion around food and find sustainable self-care, food peace, and (finally) understand what is going on with your body and hormones.


Concerned about perimenopause or menopause? 

Symptoms of changing hormones could include:

  • unwanted weight gain 

  • muscle loss

  • Increased inflammation 

  • trouble sleeping

  • hot flashes or night sweats

  • irritability or moodiness

  • insulin resistance or funky blood sugars

  • Heavy or irregular periods

  • Bone loss

The Optimize 35+ Program Package

The Optimize 35+ Program is self-paced and you have lifetime access. It's everything you need to feel, look, and be your very best- without dieting or restriction. 

What you'll get


Robust content that makes sustainable behavioral change and body attunement possible, all at your own pace with life-time access.

Action Item Sheets

Easy to use intention sheets will guide the behavior change and food peace process.

Easy Access Format

Online software that is simple and streamlined.

An Online Community

Get access to a private community of Optimize 35+ learners. 

Description Sheets and Video

Fully researched sheets for each step in the process to further your understanding alongside short, to-the-point videos. 

Weekly or Bi-weekly Group Calls

Have access to Joanna and your fellow queens in supportive video calls to feel connected and seen.




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