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As a mom and human, I'm concerned about where our planet is headed. All signs and scientists point to climate disaster- and not in some far distant future- but now. 

I don't like feeling helpless. I want to use my knowledge as a dietitian, plant-based eater, and food relationship guru to help others understand the importance of trying to eat with a purpose. 


So I'm starting a project to support and educate how fun + easy it can be.

Come along with me. 

Roasted Chickpeas
What is Mindful Plant-Centric Eating? 

Mindful Plan(et)-Centric Eating (MPCE) holds up the food relationship (FR) as most important, but it elevates plant-centric or sustainable eating with a focus on living with purpose. It's a marriage of food enjoyment with value-based eating (VBE).


Eating holds great power, both to heal and to bring joy. MPCE is supportive of our planet and our children’s future, our happiness with our food choices, and it also values our unique health concerns.

It is not a diet or specific food plan, but rather a set of ideas with descriptions of skills that support these ideas.

There are several benefits of MPCE.  Honoring the food relationship and plant-centric eating are supportive extensively by research, and living with purpose through actions is widely accepted as improving quality of life.

Potential benefits of MPCE:
  1. Protects our planet for our children and ourselves

  2. Encourages mindfulness of food choices

  3. Enhances variety and can open up a new, exciting culinary world

  4. Can potentially improve a myriad of health-concerns

  5. Supports positive well-being, self-worth, and a sense of purpose

MPCE is NOT veganism or vegetarianism. 

Guilt is often attached if we've proclaimed we are a "vegan" but then crave a ham sandwich. 

I say, eat the ham! I'm all about psychological flexibility and honoring our cravings. Plant-centric eating does not mean we exclusively eat plants, and it certainly doesn't mean we have to eschew all animal products. 

I love a good ol' runny egg. Cooked in olive oil and with a little salt and pepper, I'll plop it right on top of pretty much anything- whole food bowls, beans and rice, next to a yummy veggie sausage. 

MPCE has no rules. It works through the lens of kindness and self-compassion, and it doesn't mean we have to restrict anything that we desire. 

It is formed out of love for ourselves and our family.

It is sustained by knowledge and a spirit of willingness to experiment. 

I believe we can cultivate self-love. Caring for our planet, is caring for others, which brings the ultimate happiness.

MPCE is based on Six Fundamentals Ideas:

  1. A flexible and fulfilling Food Relationship (FR) is foundational, and can co-exist with valued-based eating (VBE). 

  2. Cravings are normal and should be honored as desired with self-compassion. 

  3. A spirit of willingness to try new things and a mindset of fun experimentation is essential and creates joy.

  4. Belief in the power of consumer food choices and benefit of small changes within any budget or dietary pattern.

  5. The focus on abundance over scarcity is empowering.

  6. Willingness to be open to new ideas and learning creates opportunity.

The most revolutionarily thing we can do as individuals to save our planet from the tipping point of climate change is to try to eat more plants and less animals.