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Metabolic Health

Metabolic health refers to the overall level of inflammation and oxidative stress in our body, cardiovascular risk factors (like cholesterol and triglyceride levels), liver health, cardiovascular fitness, and insulin sensitivity and blood sugar dynamics. As we age, we have a higher risk of metabolic dysfunction which can impact how we feel and our body's ability to detoxify itself and maintain optimal function. 

Two of the biggest metabolic health concerns include diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of factors including elevated blood fats, high blood pressure, low protective cholesterol (HDL), and too high fasting blood sugar- all of which indicate our insulin is not functioning properly. 


Diabetes, which impacts about 30 million people in the US, is diagnosed when our A1c is 6.5% of above. Prediabetes, which is often undiagnosed, effects another almost 98 million people, and is when our A1c (measure of average blood sugar over 3 months) is 5.7-6.4%.

Gestational diabetes increases the risk moms will have metabolic aberrations later in life. 

Having metabolic concerns can cause higher risk of stroke, heart disease, dementia, cancer, make it more difficult to lose weight, and can make us feel just generally poopy and tried. It can also throw off our hormones, as elevated blood sugar and insulin cause hormonal shifts and increase inflammation, which can make perimenopausal symptoms worse or negatively impact fertility. 

At Bodacious Nutrition, we can help moms and women find a way of eating that promotes insulin sensitivity and decreases inflammation to improve overall metabolic health and decrease disease risk. Out of whack insulin also impacts hunger and food cravings, so balancing our meal timing and variety as well as quality of food while working to allow permission for the foods that we enjoy, can also decrease out of control cravings or feelings of strong, scary hunger.

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