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New group starting January 9th, 2024!
Email Joanna or fill out form below to book a free Discovery Call or save your spot!

Virtual Healing Bingeand Emotional EatingNutrition Group

Tired of feeling out of control around food?
Or using food to cope with difficult emotions?
Looking for a community that promotes healing and a positive relationship with food and body?
Or unsure where to start to "get healthier"? 

Join the 8-week programto stop binge andloss of control eating for good.

Are you ready to understand your cravings, learn how to cope in a healthy way, and normalize your eating to feel your very best?


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My 8-week Virtual Healing Binge and Emotional Eating Nutrition Coaching Group is for anyone struggling with:

  • Emotional eating

  • Objective or subjective binge eating

  • Binge Eating Disorder (BED)

  • Cycle of restriction and binge eating

  • High food stress

Who: Joanna facilitates a group of 8-10 women 

When: Weekly at 7:30 pm EST on Tuesdays 

Start date: Next group starts January 9th

Where: Virtual Chat Link 

How long: Live, virtual 60-minute sessions for 8 weeks

How much: $62.50 per session with payment in full following first group meeting ($500 total) 


The 8-week group will help you:

  • Identify and get in touch with hunger and fullness cues

  • Develop a pattern of regular eating and find meal timing that works for you

  • Address dietary restraint, unhelpful core beliefs, and food avoidance

  • Decrease anxiety around food

  • Promote body neutrality and acceptance

  • Help you optimize self-care including stress management and coping skills

  • Set realistic health goals

  • Develop a strong understanding and connection to your body


Group is a brave space that provides community, understanding, guidance, and support. We look forward to offering a warm and welcome hour in your week to focus on self-care and healing.


You also get unlimited email support with Joanna between sessions if you have questions or concerns. 

Following each session, Joanna will send education and action items to support recovery and growth. 


Let's do this!

Ready to get started? Questions? We got you. 

Let Joanna know you are interested in learning more, and she'll be in touch

very soon!

Thanks for your interest! We will be in touch very soon with more details!

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